One Breath At A Time – Buddhism & the 12 Steps

One Breath at a Time Book Cover

Meditation teacher and author Griffin discovered that his Buddhist practice deepened as a result of the 12-step program that freed him from addiction. In examining the relationship of Buddhism and the steps,
he learned to escape spiritual traps endemic to the culture of addiction, namely, instant gratification and nihilism. He writes that many addicts are dissuaded from attending 12-step meetings because of the Christian tenor exemplified by faith in a Higher Power.


EXCERPTS from the book One Breath at a Time



“This is the book modern Dharma libraries have been waiting for! A wonderful and thorough presentation of the essence of what the Buddha taught and instructions for meditation practice spoken in the idiom of Twelve Steps and in the voice of a gifted narrator. The shared message of the possibility of freedom rings clearly from every page.”

– Sylvia Boorstein, author of It’s Easier Than You Think and Attention, For Goodness’ Sake

“In a wise and honest way, Kevin Griffin has written a book that is truly helpful to Buddhist practitioners and the Twelve Step community alike. I am grateful that he brings together these two traditions so skillfully.”

– Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart and After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

“A Buddhist goes through the Twelve Steps to find God within. A book of compassion and grace.”

– Ondrea and Stephen Levine, authors of One Year to Live

“This is a brave book, heart-warming and clear. It is a groundbreaking coming together of the 12 step program with the Buddhist teaching in a way that is practical, personal and liberating.”

– Sharon Salzberg, Author Of Lovingkindness and Faith

“Kevin’s writing is a pleasure to read; his refreshing and insightful integration of the Twelve Step and Buddhist teachings will undoubtedly bring about immeasurable goodness.”

– Noah Levine, Buddhist meditation teacher, recovering addict, and author of Dharma Punx

“‘One Breath at a Time’ is a brilliant merging of Buddhist insights with those of the Twelve step program, shining a fresh new light on both of these paths of liberation. Griffin weaves the essential teachings of the two psycho-spiritual traditions together with his own story to create a compelling mixture of humor, pathos and wisdom. This fine book will be of great benefit to all who are recovering from something, and who isn’t?”

– Wes Nisker, founder/editor of the Buddhist journal Inquiring Mind, author of Essential Crazy Wisdom (Ten Speed Press), and Buddha’s Nature (Bantam)


“a deft examination of confluences in their respective concepts” Daily Camera, Boulder, CO

“a valuable book,” Publishers Weekly

“powerful and affecting” Library Journal

“one part AA guidebook and one part meditation handbook,” Shambhala Sun

“a wonderful merging of the spiritual insights of both Buddhism and the Twelve Steps…will benefit anyone who is recovering from anything.” Center for Transformational Psychology

“a book of one man’s voyage to freedom. Many will be touched by its message and lives will be forever changed.”

“a compelling story of personal transformation and a model for developing your own path to the transformative experience.”


“Focused and genuine, Kevin gives heartfelt and mindful guidance for the recovery journey” Kim P. , Knoxville, TN

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to release.” Bob W., Raleigh, NC

“Kevin’s workshop cultivated meditation through a balance of mindfulness, concentration, communication, and Noble Silence. It was life changing for me.” Megan S.  Danville, VA

“What a gift Kevin has for explaining complicated concepts using everyday language so that I could understand. He has helped me more than all the meditation teachers I have sat with.” Pat S.

“An experience with Kevin Griffin on a retreat illustrates the easy connection between Buddhism and Twelve Step recovery, and how they fit together in perfect union, each supporting the other. Not only is his retreat inspiring it is also fun as he shares his trek through life through subtle humor.” Metaleen T, Granite Falls, NC

“Kevin taught me to bring my meditation to my heart. “ Sue R. , Winston Salem, NC

“Kevin Griffin brilliantly combines his deep experiences of Buddhism and recovery from addiction to lovingly guide others. He teaches us how to heal. “Lynne H., Atlanta, GA