Recovery Coaching, Mentoring, and Spiritual Counseling

I am currently offering consulting services for organizations and spiritual counseling for individuals. Contact me for more information:

Individual recovery coaching may cover anything from meditation guidance to recovery support. I bring my decades of experience in recovery, Buddhist practice, and teaching to this work. My goal is to help you find the inner resources to navigate your own spiritual journey. Each of us has a unique path to follow, and I will encourage you to take up the practices, program, and habits that suit you best. None of us can do this work alone. I am here to help. To make this affordable, I offer a sliding scale, $75-$150. If this is not workable for you, other arrangements can be made.

*Please Note: I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist. If you suspect you have a medical problem, please seek help from a doctor or licensed practitioner. If you are in a mental health crisis, contact a mental health professional immediately.

Mentoring may include guidance for teachers or teachers-in-training. We will explore your interests and how to deepen your teachings skills. I will offer skills and tips for teaching meditation, readings to expand your understanding, and guidance on studying early Buddhist suttas.

My consulting experience includes working with these organizations and projects:

  • UC San Francisco SHINE mindful eating research led by Dr. Jean Kristeller, a leader in the field.
  • Mindful Schools, an organization that brings mindfulness to elementary schools and trains teachers to teach these tools.
  • NIH funded online mindfulness course

I have worked with these and other internationally respected treatment programs:

I have presented at many recovery and psychology conferences. My teaching experience is extensive. You can see a partial list of the places I have visited here.

Payment can be made in these ways:

Venmo: @Kevin-Griffin-65 (if needed, the last four digits of my phone number are 8076)

Paypal: or @KevinGriffinDana (PayPalMe)