Buddhism & the Twelve Steps: Daily Reflections: Thoughts on Dharma and Recovery

Buddhism & the Twelve Steps Daily Reflections  offers an entry for each day of the year to support your recovery. Teachings on Buddhism, the Steps, mindfulness meditation, addiction, and recovery are all covered.

Daily reflection is at the heart of both Buddhist practice and Twelve Step programs. With the Buddhist emphasis on staying in the present moment and the Twelve Step admonition to take things “one day at a time,” the importance of not getting lost in the past or future is clear. With guidance on mindfulness meditation and thoughts on working the Steps, Buddhism & the Twelve Steps Daily Reflections provides a wide range of tools for healing and spiritual growth.

The book is organized in a “Step of the Month” format making it useful, as well, as a Step study. Each reflection offers a theme to carry into your daily life and inspire your recovery. An excellent reader for a group or individual.

Here is a Table of Contents of all topics by date in the book. Here is an Index of Topics compiled by my friend Gayle B.

If you are interested, here is why I published this book through Amazon and not a commercial publisher.